Tuesday, June 7, 2011



The mirror cracks…
Her fist pounding
Till her blood,
Tears and strength
Drain away…
A face…
Stares back at her
She looks back…
Something is familiar
Yet illusive
“Who are you?”
She asks…
“I am you”
The many faces,
Bloodied and indistinct
Answer her…

Like a flash back play
Her mind races …
Memories thrust
Her back to her reality…
She had loved…
Her heart, soul and body
All given and taken
To him, her one and only
Her life, her days,
Each breathing moment….
All dedicated to him
He took it all…
And walked away

Helpless and lost
She stood mute
An empty shell
Broken and abandoned…
As he talked his way
Out, skillfully and beautifully…
Leaving her
Shriveled and lost…
Many faces gaping
On splintered glass…


  1. Rimly,
    Every time I read this my heart breaks just a little bit more then the first time.
    To behold a beauty such as yourself and cause her so much heart ache should be a crime. To be lost in love and passion never to return and the door shut, should be punishable.
    Splintered is in it rightful home...

  2. Rimly, this is powerful and moving - wouldn't want anyone to be in this space.

  3. Heartbreaking's going away hurts and the pain is worse than dying, but hope lives in the heart and keeps you going...awesome post it

  4. Rimly...there is so much passion mixed with pain. .. the feel of loss...then memories to grieve....

    Very powerful...(many faces gaping on splinterd glass)...speaks of the fractured soul...

  5. Rimly - Having given my all to a relationship and then having that person walk away away leaving me splintered...I can so identity with this. Powerful imagery and so beautifully written. But you know what Rimly, only YOU can put those splinters together again and you are - more power to you, my lovely friend!

  6. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy - You are such a precious poetess Rimly - there is a deep well of sadness in you that springs out beauty in hurting.

  7. You write pain so beautifully. It is amazing how great you are. I look forward to each piece of work and reread each one soaking in the words and feelings

  8. Beautifully penned Rimly. Just awesome. Loved it :)

  9. Hello Rimly -

    "Splintered" is a befitting title for a broken heart. That pain leaves us feeling miserable and lost as if we don't know our selves. Feeling confused and lonely sucks! :)

  10. Love and pain are inseperable as you well know by your moving words. It's heartbreaking to read your words, anyone who doesn't feel an ache in their heart after reading your poem isn't alive!!

  11. Yes! It was all splintered here.. Although the passion seemed killing the negation but still it persisted telling a story of pain & agony.. Loved the way you showed it here..

  12. trust is bleeding..... faith is breathless...... love is broken into pieces...... hate, a silent thrust...... stop the beat....... so that i feel the pain no more

  13. Oh the words just cut through my heart Rimly...

    The feeling of brokenness could be so overwhelming at times... I refuse to see the photos, they're just a bit too much for me...

    The dirge to these feelings will soon come... I pray for it...

    I long to dance under the rain...

  14. Your writing is so powerful, your imagery is magic!

  15. @Jessica it was an honor writing a poem for Finding One's Way. Thank you sweetheart.
    @Lavina thank you for you comments
    @Sulekha thank you my Outlier for your wonderful comments
    @Ravenmyth thank you.When I wrote Splinters I did visualize a splintered soul.

  16. @Corrine thank you. You are right it is only within our powers to become whole again
    @Kriti it is a place no one wants to be in. Thank you my goddess
    @Jim thank you my friend. I told you I can only write when my soul cries :))
    @Romeo Das thank you visiting and commenting

  17. @Charlie the feeling of abandonment and loneliness is a terrible situation to be in. Thank you for reading and commenting
    @David thank you my friend for also commenting from your heart
    @Monu thank you for taking the time and commenting so beautifully

  18. @Fantacy in Practicality you speak from the heart so you would understand this poem. Thank you for commenting
    @Melissa my soul sis I too wish to dance in the rain. Love you
    @Mari thank you. Your comments really boost me.

  19. really touching..............

  20. Sadness and pain. It seems hard to believe that we can become another person and lose ourself. I guess that's what God meant by "the two shall become one flesh." When one person leaves, it's like we can no longer function as a WHOLE. One of our body parts was taken/amputated and now we need to learn to live with a disability... Half of a HEART.

  21. Yes Farfalla it is like we are not complete anymore but have to go on in life incomplete. Thank you for the beautiful comment

  22. Beautiful...How can I promise you forever when tomorrow is so far away from me? How can I dry your tears when I have a bleeding heart inside of me? how can I ever forget you when your name is etched so deep within me?
    You can close your eyes to things you don’t want to see, but you can’t close your heart to things you don’t want to feel.
    I hope I am making sense,Rimly..but I know you will understand.

  23. I understand Alpana, what you are trying to say.

  24. God !!!! that was too painful !!! why do we love untill we cease to exist , and he can just walk away from it all ??? But that is what passion is all about, you're either in to it or not , and even if it kills me i'd still want to be that way .....

  25. I too believe in it Frane. We are in it or not at all. Thank you for your beautiful comments. Missed them a lot.

  26. Thank you Anuradha for reading and commenting